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Danielle Fontaine Artist


My encaustic work considers the enduring question of what we elect to keep or preserve and the reasons why; and invites reflection on what, or whom, we discard along the way.

Still Time on Pye Pond, my original series, is based on photographs taken on a family farm in South Georgia, where an odd collection of potentially fixable or reusable items await their fate in a randomly ordered fashion. I find much poetry, at once beautiful and sad, in their uncertain future. It is this conflicted beauty, this southern family portrait, which I seek to recreate in my studio.

Objects stand in for people, for kinships tangled like Spanish moss, for ideas as deeply anchored as the roots that drain the soil, for time as still as the water on the sheltered pond. For things that could be fixed.

Things change ever so slowly on Pye Pond, but there is still time…

In my new Greenville series, I shift my focus to the built environment.





My studio is located in

Abney House        

201 Abney Street, Greenville, SC

Right next door to the

Greenville Center for Creative Arts,

in the Village of West Greenville.

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